Ickleford Primary

Time to Think Time to Pray

Children praying


At the end of the first half term, Reverend Margaret visited each Key Stage 2 class, as she often does. This time, she asked us to think carefully about a key word and tell her what was on our minds.  She collected our ideas and turned them into prayers for us. Together, this is what we came up with...

Year 3

The word ‘happy’ made us feel joyful,  like running around a lot! It made us think of having fun and not getting annoyed.   It made us think of happy times when we play with friends or brothers and sisters. We also thought it was important to help others and remember to be giving and to know that it is not always about being happy ourselves, but to make others happy too.

We should never be rude.

Our second word was ‘tomorrow’ and what a day we are going to have tomorrow. We are all excited about going to the Celtic Harmony in Hertford which is an outdoor prehistory settlement Stone Age camp.

Tomorrow also means looking forward to what we are going to do, and if today hasn’t been so good, make it nice tomorrow. It made us feel grateful about the future and to learn that we need to save some of our favourite things for another day because we don’t want them all in one day.

Some ‘happy tomorrows’  are being with our friends, holidays and half term, looking after people who need help, along with spending time with friends and family.

Thank you God for joyful hearts and hopeful tomorrows.  Help us to learn to make our own happiness and always to give thanks for the good things.


Year 5

When we think about the word ‘happy’ we think of joy and laughter, family and friends and it is very heartwarming.

The word is different from the word ‘happiness’ which makes us think more of the giving side of life.

If we add on the word ‘Christmas', which was our second word, to ‘Happy’,  it changes the meaning a lot as we give thanks for the birth of Jesus Christ at this festive time.

It is the time of year when we give generously and receive presents giving thanks to God that we not only have the birth of Jesus to celebrate but also that we all try to give happiness as well as receive it.

Thank you God for the opportunity of each new day and help us to spread your word through being happy.


Year 6

The word ‘happy’ makes us feel excited inside and very joyful.  We greet our family and friends with smiles and laughter – 'it is like a beautiful rainbow'.

We do not and should not always receive happiness, we should also all give happiness.  This makes us feel a bit different about the word ‘happy’ because it has a deeper and more generous meaning to it.

Our second word was ‘time’ and this made us think about clocks and also past times which perhaps have not been so good.  These thoughts led on to the fact that we all need to learn patience in time.

Dear Lord, bless us every time the sun rises and sets on a day, and bless us every time the sun sets until it rises again because we must never forget that we have used your time whatever we feel and whatever we are doing.