Ickleford Primary

School Uniform

IPS School Uniform Policy

The Ickleford Primary School uniform is practical but smart, and we expect all of our children to wear it neatly and with pride. Children are expected to arrive at and leave school in the correct uniform (including black school shoes and school colours socks/tights) and represent the school positively when out in the community wearing their uniform.

Our school uniform is red, white and grey and can be bought from any retailer. A comprehensive list of  items can be found below. Optional school embroidered sweatshirts and cardigans, P.E. kit, summer caps, and reading book bags (required in Reception and KS1) are now available form the local supplier, Beat Uniform Supplier, Hermitage Road, Hitchin. 

IPS BSU Uniform Flyer

Our PTA offers a free uniform exchange service, via their Facebook page.  

Please label/name every items of your child’s clothing.

School Uniform List

Expectations for School Uniforms

IPS Winter Uniform: October Half-Term - Easter Break

Red school round-neck sweatshirt or cardigan

White blouse, shirt or white polo shirt

Grey pinafore, skirt or tailored, straight trousers - no leggings, jogging bottoms or jeans

White, grey or black socks

White, grey or red tights

Black sensible outdoor school shoes, that children can fasten themselves. 


Optional IPS Summer Uniform: Summer Term - October Half-Term Break

Grey-tailored shorts or skorts

White short-sleeved blouse or shirt

White or red polo shirt

Red and white summer checked gingham dress



Trainers - to be kept in school for playtime and PE, that children can fasten themselves

Black plain unbranded jersey jogging bottoms

Black round neck sweatshirt (no hoddies for health and safety reasons)

Black shorts

Red PE Top (Beats only)

Drawstring bag

Year 4 & 5: full swimming costumes or swimming trunks, swim cap, goggles and a towel (as specified by Hitchin Swimming Centre) No bikinis, tankinis or board-shorts permitted.


IPS Accessories

Clear plastic sports cap water bottle

Reception and KS1 reading book bag

KS2 small rucksack


IPS Optional Accessories

Red summer cap

Red winter fleece hat


N.B. Outdoor PE will still continue, even in colder months

For our sports day, in the summer term,  children are  assigned a house colour of either red, blue, green and yellow. We have an established tradition of the children wearing a plain coloured t-shirt to represent their house for this event. Children will remain in the same coloured house for the remainder of their time at school. Siblings will be placed in the same house.  Children will also be required to wear their t-shirt at the end of some units of PE.  Inter-house mini games competitions are organised in each class to consolidate their learning and the t-shirts are worn to differentiate the teams. 


PTA Uniform Exchange

PTA Uniform Exchange
Facebook Ickleford PTA Uniform ExchangeThe PTA are committed to the school’s vision of becoming more sustainable. We also want to support local families to access good quality school uniform for free. With this in mind, the Ickleford Primary School PTA Uniform Exchange was created. Families of the school can join the Facebook group and either post uniform that their children no longer require, or arrange to collect uniform for free. Sometimes items offered are unused. This uniform exchange has been running for several years and has been successful at helping uniform from ending up in landfill. We encourage all families of the school to spread the word and join up to help save the planet and money!

 Please see the link above to join the Facebook group. If you are not a Facebook user and want to get involved, please email via PTA email and let us know which sizes and items you require and we can keep a look out for you.


Reception children will be required to leave a pair of named wellies in school for outdoor play.

Reception and KS1 require book bags available form Beats.

KS2 require small ruck sacks from any retailer. 

Water bottle - clear plastic with a sports cap (no metal with a screw top)

In line with out Hitchin Partnership Schools:

Watches (optional): discrete, simple and single function digital and analogue watches only, for the sole purpose of learning to tell the time. No iwatches or fitbits.

Small gold or silver stud earrings only.

Long hair must be tied back at all times, irrespective of gender, using simple hair bands or scrunchies in school colours.

No shaved designs, shaved heads, coloured hair or highlights.

No nail varnish or temporary tattoos.


Mobile Phones

To ensure the safeguarding of all children and staff, the governing board have agreed that children are not permitted to bring mobile phones into school.

By accepting a place for their child at Ickleford Primary School, it is expected that parents and their children will abide by the school's policies, rules and ethos.