Ickleford Primary

Jousters Breakfast Club and After School Care

Hello to all Parents and Carers,

We are delighted to have been chosen by the headteacher at Ickleford Primary School to open a breakfast club and take over the running of the after school club at Ickleford School from 25th February 2019.

We are a small family business and have been providing breakfast, after school and holiday clubs in and around Hertfordshire since 2002. We currently operate in more than 9 schools in Welwyn Garden City, St. Albans, Harpenden, Hoddesdon and Baldock, employing around 70 staff. We believe our experience enables us to understand how to provide enriching, safe and exciting childcare that is valuable to parents, an asset to the school and, above all, a home out-of-home that children look forward to attending. 

We recognise the mixed age group means a wide variety of toys, equipment and activities are required to make sure everyone is catered for. Popular activities include art & crafts, cooking, sewing, table top games, construction toys, dressing up / role play and free-play. In addition, outside play is available every day. Children are also able to tap into clubs / activities provided directly by the school (such as netball & football).

More Details and Daily Routine

We are based in the school’s dining room and old school room. At the end of the school day, for Reception to Year 2 children there will be an adult to adult handover; all older children will be able to walk directly through to us in the dining room.

Once children are signed-in they are free to choose what they would like to do from a range of toys and activities such as: crafts, construction, dressing-up, table top games, outside play, group games plus adult led activities such as cooking and craft projects.  

During the evening, a healthy vegetarian light snack is provided such as: toast, crackers and sandwiches, with jam, honey, cheese or marmite, along with fresh fruit and vegetable batons.  In the mornings, a similar healthy breakfast is included – toast, cereal (lower sugar) & fruit.

As well as including information on your forms, please do discuss with club staff directly if your child has any medical allergies or intolerances. 

In the interest of all, we do not allow children to supply their own food without prior agreement .

While children are in our care, we believe we have a wonderful opportunity to complement their school education through support and encouragement with social skills, in situations and activities like sharing, taking turns, being polite, self-esteem and respecting each other. In addition, by learning skills to support independence with activities like buttering bread and pouring drinks. 

We work closely and liaise with the teaching staff to help ensure each individual child has the best care possible.   

Shortly before closing time (around 5.45 pm) the bulk of equipment is packed away with just a few games, reading, homework or colouring activities available. 

Extra Curricular School Clubs

Children wishing to join in with school clubs* such as netball and football etc. are able to do so. If you let the staff know we will make sure they are either taken to or are collected from the club at the beginning or end of their session. 

* Unfortunately, we do not offer any reduction for any missed part of the session.

Fees and Pricing


Fixed Booking


Breakfast Club from 7:30 am



After School until 6.00 pm



10% Discount for prompt payment available on all fixed bookings – see below.

Fixed Booking Sessions

Bookings need to be made for fixed days of the week - for as little as one day a week to all 5 days (e.g. Tue & Thu each week). 

We will bill before the start of each half-term, according to your booking, for the days the school is open in that period.

Prompt Payment Discount

As an alternative to sibling discount we offer a 10% discount for prompt payment, in the form of a credit to your account which can be put towards subsequent invoices. This is available to everyone – regardless of any sibling - for payment completed before the Monday on the first week of each term / half-term. For example: if the school were to start on Tuesday 24th February, your billing would be sent to arrive on or before Monday 9th February, and if the cost was £230.00, you would receive a credit for full payment completed on or before Friday 20th February, and the cost of your following invoice in April would therefore be reduced by £23.00.

Ad-hoc Bookings

1-off ad-hoc sessions (£6.80 breakfast & £14.50 after school) can be booked whenever we are not already at full capacity - directly through the Jousters office

Follow JOUSTERS CHILDCARE on FACEBOOK to see what the children get up to and events for dates for our forthcoming HOLIDAY CLUBS and locations.  

Kind Regards


Mobile:  07580 076045

Office:   01707 894650


Address:  19 Digswell Rd. Welwyn Garden City. Herts,  AL8 7PD