Ickleford Primary

Arbor and School Grid

Click on the image to link with the app.

Arbor is our chosen management information and communication system. It has a mobile app which we encourage parents to download as soon as their child accepts a place at our school.

It gives the school office and parents the ability to securely store and update contact details; book parent consultations; schedule extracurricular clubs/activities or school trips and link to consents and payments; make secure online payments for clubs and trips; complete parent surveys and communicate on the go e.g. informing you of a school closure due to severe weather.

It is also the system that school uses to register attendance, monitor absences, and analyse assessment data.



School grid is our in-house catering ordering and payment system. Again, this is a downloadable mobile app, which allows parents to order meal choices and make payments for school meals in advance.


If you have difficulty downloading either of these apps, please speak to a member of the school office for support.